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    Henley Oakwood

    High efficiency of 82.7% - 5 Year Warranty

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    Hardwood Wood

    Moisture 12% - Ash, Cherry and Oak

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    Milan Bio-ethanol Fires

    exclusive and will naturally fall into its surroundings.

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    Eco Design 2022

    The Bassington Eco comprises a cast iron construction for durability and maximum heat, large glass picture window, airwash system for maintaining an optimal view of the flames

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    Capital The Scene Eco Call for a Price

    Capital The Scene Eco Call for a Price

    A highly efficient, superior stove from our new ECO 2022 range, DEFRA approved for burning wood in a smoke control area. The Scene Eco comprises a cast iron construction for durability and maximum heat, large arched glass picture window, airwash system for maintaining an optimal view of the flames and protected with the Capital Lifetime Warranty. This stove is also suitable with a light duty hearth.

    Portway Luxima Multifuel Stove - Best Seller - Only £869

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    Blog posts

    • May 24, 2019 Lacunza Wood Burning Stoves
      Lacunza Wood Burning Stoves

      Lacunza began operations with an iron foundry in the mid 1940's, the company is based in Alsasua, in Spain. It was in the 1960's, the company started production of wood burning stoves. Since then, Lacunza has continued evolving as well as increasing their portfolio of products, offering their customers an extensive range. Lacunza now manufacture a huge selection of cast-iron wood burning stoves and fires, as well as wood fired range cookers.

      The Biarritz stoves are manufactured in high quality cast iron with a vermiculite interior. They have an Efficient Dual Combustion System with which you can regulate the temperature of your home to your liking. It allows you to obtain a perfect combustion, keep the chimney clean and contribute to the sustainability of the environment.

      Their wood burning stoves are a decorative object that will bring personality to your home and revalue it. The Biarritz stoves heat a volume of up to 177m3. It is an 8KW stove, with a range of 5 and 10KW. The stove has a wide viewing glass which will give you an uninterrupted view of the flames. It has superior smoke outlet, ashtray, screen-printed glass and an extraordinary efficient clean glass system, thus offering a clear view of the fire.

      To this added its modern design, which makes it the center of all eyes. The Biarritz wood stove gives you the option of choosing the home in cast iron or in vermiculite, material that comes as standard. This is a material composed basically of aluminium, magnesium, and iron silicates. It is a new material that is characterised by its excellent insulation, high strength, aesthetics and lightness.

      In terms of technical characteristics, the Biarritz wood stove has a heating capacity of up to 177m3, power range of 5 to 10KW, 76% efficiency, and low CO emissions (0.10%), combined with more than 50 years of experience and positive trajectory of the company. All of Lacunza's products have the highest energy efficiency ratings and are already fully adapted to the regulations that the EU will demand in 2022 Ecodesign. This stove has the energy certificate A, providing greater efficiency, lower consumption and greater savings.

      The Atlantic 603, is one of many wood burning stoves from Lacunza. Featuring a modern design with a log storage base, and an exceptionally large, fully glazed door. With its aesthetically beautiful lines and its shallow depth and high KW, will allow installation in larger rooms and areas with high floor traffic. The Lacunza Atlantic 603 is a 10KW stove, which allows you to heat up to 100m2.

      Here at Stovesworld we are looking forward to becoming stockists of Lacunza from June 2019 onwards. Any further information please call into Stovesworld Cardiff, drop us a call or email.

    • May 01, 2019 Introduction of Peanut Stoves by Saltfire
      Introduction of Peanut Stoves by Saltfire


      The Saltfire stove group are at the forefront of innovations in wood stove combustion. The Peanut range is the result of Saltfire's latest developments in clean burning, high efficiency stove technology, wood stove technology and the understanding of wood stove designers and engineers, which has moved on a lot in recent years. Even though most stoves may look like the same black boxes, it's what goes on inside the burn chamber that matters and can change everything and be very different.

      Created at Saltfire Stoves Group Innovation Centre in Wareham, Dorset, these stoves are designed to be very easy to operate, install, and easy to keep, clean and maintain. The Peanut stove gives you a highly advanced stove with superior engineering, great build quality and all at the lowest possible price. The Peanut Range are all made with cast-iron construction for maximum heat-retention and ultra-clean-burning and a stove that will give you long life. It keeps the belly of the fire hot, even during 'low & slow' burning.

      There are many cast iron stoves, which are lighter weight construction, and still going strong after 100 years or more. So if you are wondering how long will your cast iron stove last, think of it becoming a family heirloom, to be handed down to your great grandchildren!.

      Cast iron has been used to build wood burners since their very first invention. Saltfire have chosen to use it for all of its reliable qualities, and have brought it right up to date with the latest innovations in wood combustion technology.

      The Peanut 5 

       This stove is rated at 5KW and can heat a decent sized room easily, with a variable output between 1.5 and 5KW. The viewing window is big for a compact stove, 273mm wide by 286mm high, leaving you with an uninterrupted view of the fire and flames.

      The Peanut 5 will fit a 'standard small' UK chimney opening of 16" wide. This will make some installations much simpler and easier, and rarely would any building/alteration work need to be done even with a small chimney opening.

      The Peanut 5 stove is Ecodesign 2022 ready. This means the stoves are designed to reduce PM emissions by burning wood more efficiently and completely.  Ecodesign is the European-wide programme to lower emissions. It is due to come into force for stoves in the UK in 2022.

      Peanut stoves also feature extremely low CO, NOx, particle and Hydro-Carbon emissions. All Peanut stoves comes with a 5 year Warranty which covers the body of the stove. The Peanut 5 has a high efficiency of 79.9%.

      The stove has a superior Airwash system for crystal clear views of the fire, it includes Multifuel Grate, and external access to Ashpan for clean easy ash removal. It can use a 5" flue system all the way.

      The Peanut stove is available in several sizes and rated outputs, each with regular 'short' and 'tall' heights options.

      Here at Stovesworld Cardiff we are proud to announce that we are now stockists of the Peanut range from Saltfire. Call into our showroom to view the Peanut 5 and Bignut 5 which will be coming soon.

    • February 11, 2019 The Dunsley Avance 500 Wood Burning Stove
      The Dunsley Avance 500 Wood Burning Stove


      Dunsley was established in 1950,  in a village called Holmfirth High on the Yorkshire moors. It's one of the UK's longest standing manufacturers of multi-fuel heating equipment. Since Dunsley Heat developed its first fires over 60 years ago, they have been at the forefront of innovative design. Design is the cornerstone of the developing process at Dunsley, however, design alone is not enough alone to give you confidence to buy. The customer needs to feel confident in the knowledge the product is made of the highest quality as well as aesthetically look good. Dunsley makes sure that each stove that leaves the factory is quality checked at each stage of production.

      All Dunsley stoves are constructed from the highest quality 4 & 10 mm steel and cast iron. They are all made with a fitted multi fuel grate, which enables you to burn logs and smokeless fuels on the same grate. However, the Avance 500 is not fitted with a multi fuel grate but, you can buy a multi fuel kit for an extra cost. The front of each grate bar rests on the shaker bar, which extends the full width of the stove. Moving this shaker bar back and forth using the operating tool to agitate the grate bars to de-ash. This means you do not have to open the door to clear any ash from the grate, thus maintaining heat & more efficient burning.

      All Dunsley stoves are easy to operate and are designed to enhance your relaxation time. There is nothing better than watching the dancing flames through the large windows that Dunsley have to offer.

      The Dunsley Avance

      The Dunsley Avance is a totally brand new Ecodesign Ready stove, and a pretty great one too. The Dunsley is from the long-lived Highlander stove collection, and is built to last and will deliver you outstanding performance. The Avance is a 5KW stove, and has high controllability with a fast response for high and low burn. Being an SIA Ecodesign Ready stove ensures that the Avance 500 is at the forefront of clean burn combustion. Its ErP A+ rated with an excellent efficiency of up to 81.2%.

      The Airwash system allows for Pre-heated tertiary air, which adds an extra level of combustion towards the top of the fire chamber, and helps to reduce particulate emissions when burning fully seasoned wood.

      The Avance 500 has a depth of 275mm, making it one of the slimmest 5KW stoves out there, and therefor it is an ideal choice for chimney breasts that aren't particularly deep. It is also one of the widest stoves about with a particularly large viewing glass, giving you the best view of the fire. The Avance can be loaded with logs up to 450mm/18" long, which is longer than most.

      The Avance by Dunsley will be in store at Stovesworld Cardiff this week so call into to view it and ask for any more information.

      Stovesworld Price £999

      with multi fuel grate £1199

    • February 06, 2019 Setting the record straight with Wood Burners and the new 2022 regulations
      Setting the record straight with Wood Burners and the new 2022 regulations


      There has been much conversation, and attention drawn to wood burners lately in the media, discussing how the Government intends on changing the use of incorrect fuel being used in the near future. The government has been implementing new plans to regulate the use of wood burners and open fires. They have put forward plans to clean up the UK's Air Quality. The Government intends to ban the sale of the most-polluting fuels to tackle worsening air quality, caused by the increased popularity of wood-burning stoves and open fires.

      There is nothing like a real fire in the middle of Winter. Nothing can beat the real flames and the mesmerizing affect of losing yourself, staring into the blazing heart of a wood fire. It is estimated that around 10% of UK homes either have an open fire or wood burning stove. However, the overall story of this much heated debate all boils down to using the correct fuels to burn!.

      The burning of wet and unseasoned wood, along with smokey solid fuels is what seems to be causing concern with the Government. Wet wood contains moisture which creates smoke, and harmful particles when burnt. Wood should only be burnt when it has a moisture content of 20% or less. So one political measure would be to ban the sale of poor quality wood, ones which do not have the 'ready to burn' logo on.  According to Government data, 18% of wood currently being burnt in wood burners and open fires will be banned under the new rules. For those people who burn wood they have chopped themselves, it is recommended the wood is left to dry for two years before using it on the stove. Garage forecourts, garden centers and DIY stores have all started to sell Government approved "ready-to-burn" wood, again containing less than 20% moisture. Soon this could be the only wood available, 'ready-to-burn' dry wood emits around 50% less pollution than wet wood!!.

      Basic coal will also face being replaced with smokeless varieties which are approved by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). Briquettes or heat logs will more likely be in demand as they have a moisture content of around 6%.

      It is also important to have your chimney swept regularly. Cleaning the chimney of soot can help make the smoke that leaves the house cleaner. It is recommended to have your chimney swept at least once a year, and twice if you also burn coal, certainly have it swept before the start of the heating season.

      The environmental minister suggests that everyone has a role to play in improving the air we breathe, and reducing the amount of pollution from burning at home is a key area where we can all take action. While we will never be able to eliminate all particulate matter, by switching to cleaner fuels (dry wood, briquettes, smokeless coal), householders can reduce the amount of harmful pollution to which they expose themselves, their families and the environment. Whilst still enjoying the warmth and pleasure of a wood fire.

      Although many of the news headlines have talked about wood burning stoves, the chief executive of HETAS, Bruce Allen, says open fires produce the "Bigger Problem". Many wood burners are already designed and made to burn wood, while only producing a fraction of the particulates of an open fire burning wet logs. Open fires are very inefficient (around 20%), and most of the heat goes up the chimney. If you want to keep on using an open fire, it is recommended that a wood burning stove is a much more efficient way of heating your home, whilst still being able to view the real flames of the fire.

       If you have an old wood burner of ten years or more, maybe its time to think about installing a defra stove, or a clean-burning "ecodesign ready" model, so that we can all make a step towards making our air cleaner.

      The latest Defra approved stoves pre-heat the air entering the chamber, and produce fewer smoky particulates than older stoves, and 90% less than an open fire. Dennis Milligan from the Stove Industry Alliance shop, says the message being put out there is to burn the 'correct' wood on the 'correct' appliance, this will all contribute to a progressive improvement in emissions.

      By 2022, the only wood burning appliances sold in stores, will be those labelled with an "ecodesign" sticker. They are made to improve air quality and circulation that burns more cleanly. Newly designed stoves are now 80% efficient, increased from 60% in 2008. They produce 90% fewer emissions than open fires, which means new owners get more heat for their money!.

      Ecodesign is a new set of requirements that effect a wide range of energy-related products. Among these regulations, wood burning stoves will have to meet requirements as a result of new legislation from the European Union. Ecodesign stoves will help to improve air quality and the efficiency in wood burning stoves. Any stove sold after it comes into effect in 2022, will have to be met with the ecodesign requirements. Even with Brexit the legislation will go ahead due to the role the UK played in bringing Ecodesign about. The idea of Ecodesign is to pick up where DEFRA left off. However, unlike the requirements for DEFRA Exemption, which only applies to smokeless zones, the Ecodesign regulations will apply to the whole country, so no matter where a new stove is to be installed it must comply with Ecodesign.

      Here at Stovesworld Cardiff our SIA ready stoves include Henley's Hazlewood, Westfire's Uniq 37 and the Newbourne 40FS, some brands are still holding back to make sure they have all regulations correct. Call into Stovesworld today to see some of these stoves in our showroom or feel free to call in for any further advice, if you are thinking of replacing an exisiting older wood burner, or just want a change to the way you heat your home.