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Introduction to the AGA Ellesmere 4 Multi Fuel stove

Posted on 03 October 2017


The AGA cooker is a heat storage stove and cooker, which works on the principle that a heavy frame made of cast iron can absorb heat from a relatively low-intensity but continuously burning source, and the accumulated heat can then be used for cooking.

Originally heated by slow-burning coal, the Aga cooker was invented in 1922 by the Nobel Prize–winning Swedish physicist Gustaf Dalen (1869–1937), who was employed first as the chief engineer of the Swedish AGA company (Swedish Aktiebolaget Svenska Gasaccumulator, English Swedish Gas Accumulator, Limited).

The cookers were first imported to Britain in 1929, and were first manufactured there under licence in the early 1930s. The Cast Iron parts were first cast at the Coalbrookdale foundry in the 1940s, where they are still made.

AGA has come a long way since then and have now made and introduced a range of multi fuel stoves to heat your home, with quality and good efficiency in mind. AGA stoves are built to deliver solid performance, the simplicity of the primary and secondary controls on the AGA makes it user friendly whilst burning your logs efficiently.

The latest editions to the AGA stoves family are dynamic, exciting newcomers. Blending both Contemporary and Traditional design, the new range of Ellesmere stoves offer clean lines and solid performance. The clean lines and excellent viewing window make it an excellent choice for a cosy living room.

The Ellesmere range are designed to burn either wood or solid fuels and they are all DEFRA approved, which means you can use in smoke controlled areas.

The Ellesmere 4 is more than capable of warming a home with its 4.5KW output. The Ellesmere's air controls may be adjusted for the best air flow when burning either wood or coal. The efficiency when burning wood is 81.9% and the efficiency when burning coal is 79.1%.

This stove is solidly made and everything down to the handle feels well built. The body of the Ellesmere 4 is made from steel with a cast iron door. It has a large viewing glass, which will keep clean even when the stove is closed down, due to the built in Airwash system. Airwash is a design feature which uses a specially placed vent, or vents, to draw in air from the outside and wash over the inside of the glass. This helps to keep the glass clean, allowing for an uninterrupted view of the flames (Stovax 2017).

Every AGA comes with a 5 year body parts and 1 year labour warranty.

Height 583mm

Width 425mm

Depth 415mm

Weight 120kg

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