An Introduction with description of HS Gas fires by Hunter | Stoves World Ltd

Any appliance bought through an authorised Hunter Stoves Group dealership will automatically be covered by the standard 2 year conditional guarantee. However, this standard 2 year warranty can be extended to a 10 year conditional warranty.

HS-Gas Stoves

All round good looks are essentially the trade mark of the stoves within the HS Gas range, and the gas-fired stoves are no exception to this. Stoves are available in Traditional and Contemporary styles and are both attractive and versatile. The stoves have a very natural flame picture, plus both the coal and log fuel-beds are exceptionally realistic.

 As well as providing incredible realism, the HS Gas stoves also provide the customer with peace of mind- they are safe and reliable to use. They boast great efficiency which ranges from 73-78%, the overall benefits of having a HS gas-fired stove are tangible as well as practical.

The HS Gas stoves feature 6 different styles of gas-fired stoves in the range. The Herald 6 offers traditional good looks,  and is now combined with the most recent gas-stove technology. It is one of the few stoves on the market that can be operated with the doors open, when the double door option is chosen. With a choice of a high or low canopy top and a heat output of 4.8KW.

The Stove range includes-

The 'Herald 6 Inglenook' is designed for a large fireplace or an Inglenook. This fire also offers traditional good looks, and is a unique addition to the Hunter range. Both the sweeping curve of the specially designed canopy,  and the realistic flickering yellow flames draw attention to what is a very specific but, appealing centrepiece for a favourite room. The Herald 6 can also operate with the doors open. The maximum heat output is 4.8KW and comes in two styles of either a flat top or an Inglenook canopy.

The 'Hawk 4' Gas stove is a small stove with a big heart. It's size allows for installation in a smaller fireplace, however, the Hawk 4 can still offer a good heat output of 3.7KW. This model comes in a choice of a Traditional or Contemporary 'D' door and has an efficiency of 75-78%.

The 'Select 6' is a high quality gas-fired stove. It was a winner of the 'Freestanding Gas Stove and Appliance of the Year at the Hearth and Home Exhibition'. The Select 6 is one of the few stoves on the market which can operate with the doors open, with nothing to obstruct the view through the glass; this stove looks even more realistic, with a maximum heat output of 4.8KW and an efficiency of 73-77%.

The 'Selene 6D' is manufactured from high quality steel, this gas stove adds a new dimension to the gas-fired range. Not only can the Selene 6D offer the traditional good looks of a Gothic door option but, also a contemporary plain door option. The Selene 6D gas can also operate with the doors open, it comes in two styles of a low canopy or high canopy with either coal or log fuel beds.

Last but by no means least the 'Verona 6'. Those of you looking for a more contemporary style gas stove may opt for this model. The sleek styling of the Verona 6 stove would compliment the most modern of settings. Available in matt black finish, the simplicity of the Verona 6 adds another dimension to the Hunter range of gas-fired stoves. With a maximum heat output of 4.8KW and an efficiency of 73-77%.

Depending on individual circumstances the stoves may be either rear flued or flued from the top of the stove. Whilst the stove remains in situ, a change can be made from coal to logs or vice versa should you desire.

 For an extra piece of mind, each stove features an oxy pilot to safely monitor the oxygen level in the room; should this fall below an acceptable level the stove turns itself off. All HS Gas stoves come with a good top quality manual control as standard, plus for added convenience, a hand-held full remote control is available as an optional extra on all stoves in the range except the Hawk 4.