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Arrival of Cast Tec's 'Horizon Stove'

Posted on 05 January 2017

Cast Tec is a leading supplier and distributor of quality fireplaces, stoves and accessories to the fireplace and heating industry across the United Kingdom.

Horizon stove range is a family of quality multi-fuel steel stoves suitable for use with seasoned wood or,  HETAS approved smokeless fuels. The design is simple which makes it ideal for contemporary or traditional settings.

The Horizon 5 has an efficiency of over 80% with an output of up to 5KW, this can be fitted without ventilation. Those who require a higher heat output can opt for the Horizon 7. It is wider in size, and boasts an output of up to 7.1KW.  Both models are also available with a log store.

Both the Horizon 5 and 7 are DEFRA approved. DEFRA exempt stoves (the proper terminology) or SE (smoke exempt),  are stoves that are cleared to burn specified fuels in smoke control areas, fuels that are usually disallowed. In our case this means wood (which is disallowed in a smoke control area unless in a DEFRA stove).

The range benefits from triple burn technology with Primary Air (lever on bottom of door) and Tertiary Air (air inlets in the rear of the stove) which mixes pre-heated air with exhaust gases, allowing the exhaust gas to re-ignite producing a cleaner and more efficient stove. A riddling rod on the side of the stove assists ashes to fall through the grate inside.

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