Cast Iron 'Carron' Stove | Stoves World Ltd

Carron have a long history in the iron trade. They use traditional casting methods to create a range of solid cast iron stoves which brings warmth and comfort to any home. A Carron cast iron stove is a sign of quality, manufactured to the highest production standards and built to last. Featuring a large flame picture window for an inviting and comforting glow.

Carron stoves are ideal for Smoke Control Areas, with a wide range of DEFRA approved stoves to choose from. A Defra Approved Stove, or to give it the correct name, a Defra Smoke Exempt Appliance, is a wood burning stove which has been tested and passed the UK Government's Department of Environment Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) criteria for emission levels and the amount of smoke that it will be allowed to produce during all stages of normal operation. A Defra approved stove will always provide the minimum level of combustion air,  so that the wood burns efficiently without producing unecessary smoke, thus ensuring that the appliance complies with the Clean Air Act.

As well as the traditional black paint finish, Carron stoves also come in a range of coloured enamel finishes for a more personal touch, our enamel finish is designed so it's easy to clean. The Carron stoves are available in a great collection of colours, from the visually striking china blue and sage green to the classic matt black or black enamel. Carron stoves can be furnished with complementary products including stone and granite hearths and fine or rustic weave natural baskets for storing logs. Carron makes stoves which are both traditional and modern, which means you will be sure to find a carron stove to suit your home.

All Carron stoves offer diligent practicality and efficiency to make the most of the charm and timeless joy of using a natural fuel such as wood. Carron's stoves feature efficiency up to 79.3% when burning wood.