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Companion sets for Wood Burning Stoves

Companion sets for Wood Burning Stoves

Whether you already have a Wood Burner or thinking of purchasing one, it is always a useful idea to purchase a companion set.  A companion set is one of your main fireside accessories. A companion set is a group of fire tools that are organised neatly on a stand, meaning they are both a functional item, and a feature of your fireplace.

 Traditionally a companion set consists of a poker, brush, shovel and either log tongs or coal tongs; these are key fire tools, and allow you to operate your fireplace or stove safely and efficiently. These products are not only functional, affording you control over your fire, and enabling you to work safely and efficiently with fire but, they are also decorative too, creating a traditional, quintessential fireplace aesthetic. Adding a touch of class to any fireplace.

 The trusty set of fireplace tools are commonly associated with the hearth of an open fire. However, if you already have a Wood Burner, it wont take long to work out a companion set is equally just as useful.

  If you have a Wood Burning stove, as opposed to a multi-fuel stove, there will be no ash pan. The ash pan is the metal pan that sits in the bottom of the stove, collecting the ash that falls through the grate, by riddling the stove you cause ash to fall through the firebars/grate into the pan below. So with no ash pan, you'll have to find your own way of getting most of the ashes out of the firebox. Most companion sets contain a small shovel, which is ideal for scooping the ashes out. At times ash may fall, and in this case you'll be grateful for a small fireside brush.

 Also, when reloading a multi-fuel stove,  a pair of fire tongs to place your fuel where you want it, and avoid any unnecessary burns will prove ideal. A poker is always useful in order to keep your fire under control, and will do exactly what you want it to do but, also at a safe distance.

Most companion sets offer a traditional central stand design, and the tools hang around the edges. Companion sets are either made from wrought iron, cast iron, metal, brass, chrome, pewter or steel. Designs are vast, ranging from traditional to modern contemporary,  even designer. They also range in different sizes, with a large variety of handle designs. Depending on the style of Wood Burning stove you have, you'll be sure to find the right companion set to compliment you're stove, whilst maintaining and keeping it in a good working order.

 Here at Stovesworld we offer good quality companion sets by Aduro. These contemporary sets are made from steel and made in Denmark. This set is 'magnetic' allowing you to choose where you'd like your companion set to be hung. By fixing the magnetic strip in a position of your choice, the tools can then be simply hung on.