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Franco Belge’s 80 year history is synonymous with elegant period designs, European excellence and quality cast iron stoves. The stove range includes, powerful wood burning, multi fuel, gas and oil stoves, offering European style and prestige to British homes.

Franco Belge stoves have made their name across Europe due to their beautifully traditional design, excellent efficiency's and impressive performances. The Vicky 5 is no exception with an efficiency of 78%.

The Vicky 5 is one of the smallest stoves in the Franco Belge range. Unlike some of the recent Franco Belge stoves, the Vicky 5 is a more Traditional smaller box shape device. Keeping with the Franco Belge style it does have a larger than normal viewing glass.

The Vicky 5 has a nominal heat output of 4.9KW but, is capable of reaching up to 6KW at a maximum temperature. The Vicky 5 is a wood burning stove but, if you wish a multi fuel kit can be added. This will give you the option to burn a variety of smokeless fuels as well as wood which,  gives greater convenience.

The Vicky 5 has a cast iron body. Cast iron takes slightly longer to warm up compared to a steel bodied stove, however, Cast Iron will retain the heat for much longer,  even after the fire has gone out.

The Vicky 5 is a DEFRA approved stove, which means it can be used in a Smoke Control area, and has a top or rear flue outlet option. The flue diameter is 125mm.

The Vicky 5 also has a built in Airwash system. This is a design feature that uses a specially placed vent or vents to draw in air from the outside to wash over the inside of the glass. This helps keep the glass clean allowing you to enjoy an uninterrupted view of the flames (Stovax 2017).

The reviews on the Vicky 5 are very impressive, with customers raving about their delight in now owning one of these multi fuel stoves, and expressing how easy it is for them to operate!.

Height 644mm

Width 480mm

Depth 394mm

Weight 92kg