Goose Creek Candles | Stoves World Ltd


Here at StovesWorld we are pleased to announce a new candle launch- Goose Creek Candles. Goose Creek candles are all poured in the United States with the highest quality ingredients available. Each jar candle is designed to quickly fill the entire room with fragrance. These fragrances are long lasting and linger throughout the entire home. In the UK Aromatize Ltd are the exclusive distributor for Goose Creek products.

Goose Creek handcrafted premium scented candles are produced with dual wick. This allows each candle to burn cleaner, leaves less wax residue, generates less soot, creates more light and provides a pure, clean fragrance with double the ambience. The jar candles are what made Goose Creek famous. The double wick system combined with the highest fragrance load provides a potent and ultra clean burn.

Goose Creek scents are all combined into five fragrance collections which include Gourmet, Floral, Fruit & Citrus, Warm woody & amber and Fresh & clean. The product range includes over 90 fragrances available in candle jars, votives, wax melts, tea lights and an extensive range of candle accessories, including over 80 designs. These include candle lamp shades, wax burners, candle plates, hurricanes, globes and votive holders.

The candles are manufactured utilising 100% food grade paraffin, the highest quality fragrance oils and the richest colours. Every wax batch is tested for fragrance throw, burn quality and UV reaction before being released to stock.