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Henley Aran 5KW Multi fuel stove

Posted on 14 June 2017


The Henley Aran multi fuel stove 5KW has been a Henley best seller from the beginning. With its beautiful traditional look, it's one of the most popular stove on the Irish market. The stove is completely manufactured in cast iron, and available in a variety of enamel colours.

The Aran is the smallest model in Henley's Island collection, but this by no means is lacking in its appeal. It has an efficiency of up to 79%. The Aran is a beautifully made stove which is fitted with a riddling plate and ashpan, so it can handle wood or any solid fuel.

It also features an adjustable rate of burn allowing you to control its output for maximum efficiency. It also has a built in airwash system allowing the glass to stay clean whilst giving you the uninterrupted view of the burning fire.

It also has a tertiary air system. This creates a cleanburn system, where hot air is pushed into the firebox above the normal height of the fire, allowing excess gasses to combust giving a cleaner burn.

The Aran is DEFRA approved which allows you to burn fuel in a smokeless zone.

All Henley stoves comes with a 5 year warranty on the body of the stove and a 1 year warranty on the baffle plate, grate and fuel retainer.

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