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Henley Elcombe 5

Henley Elcombe 5


One of the newest additions to the Henley range, the Elcombe 5kw room heater's output is remarkable for its modest size. The Elcombe is made with a steel body and a cast iron door. It has a large viewing glass, combining a sleek body with solid features, the Elcombe will compliment any modern or traditional interior.

The Elcombe is a multi fuel stove (meaning wood and coal can be used as fuel). It can be purchased with or without a log store, and is available in one colour of matt black. The Elcombe has an efficiency of over 79%.

The stove has a built in Airwash system,  which helps to keep the glass clean by using specially placed vents to draw in air from the outside, and uses it to wash over the glass. It also has a tertiary air system, which creates a cleanburn system, where hot air is pushed into the firebox above the normal height of the fire. This allows for excess gases to combust giving a cleaner burn.

All Henley stoves are DEFRA exempt which means they have been fully tested to this standard. A DEFRA exempt stove can be used in a smoke control area whereas a non DEFRA cannot. Smoke Control Areas are where you can only burn authorised fuels (generally just smokeless fuels, although the list is available from DEFRA).

All Henley stoves come with a 5year warranty on the body of the stove, and 1 year warranty on the baffle plate, grate and fuel retainer.