Hunter Stoves present the 'Avalon 4' Multi-Fuel stove | Stoves World Ltd


Hunter Stoves (Mells) Group was originally founded in 1970 in the Soth West of England, and is widely thought to be the first UK based woodstove manufacturer; initially producing steel stoves with built in boilers to run small and medium sized central heating systems.

The Hunter Stoves Group are the proud designers and manufacturers of seven world-class stove ranges. Their wood burning stoves have been warming homes for over 40 years and their commitment to innovation, research and development, and the natural environment are reflected in each one of the wide range of products.

The Avalon 4 stove will make your house feel even more like home. This multi fuel stove is made from high quality 5mm thick steel, and has cast iron components. Avalons are multi-fuel burners (which means you can burn wood, coal, compressed logs and all smokeless fuels), and include a dust-free, de-ashing system which allows you to clean the grate with ease, just move it back and forth whilst the doors are closed and you are done. The Avalon 4 has an efficiency rating of 78%.

The Avalon range features the new Cleanburn Technology, which lowers emissions and allows for greater performance and fuel economy. Also all stoves in the Avalon range contain a hot airwash system that will keep the stoves glass clean and clear, thus allowing you more time to enjoy the flames rather than worrying about the cleaning. The Avalon 4 has a cool touch handle to enable easy operation.

This stove has been described as well groomed and hard-working. The Avalon 4 has loads of charisma along with the performance of a Rolls. It will emit upto 6KW of heat and uses less fuel than old models. You also have the choice of wood or solid fuel, allowing you to optimise your heating system (and fuel bills!).

The Avalon 4 is also DEFRA approved (DEFRA exempt) or SE (Smoke Exempt). This means that the stove has been cleared to burn specified fuels in Smoke Control areas, fuels that are usually disallowed.