ICast Accona from F2 Fires | Stoves World Ltd

The Accona has been designed to fit neatly into a standard builders opening (16" x 22"). It has been designed with a smaller size room in mind. This stove would fit into both a modern or traditional styled room.

The Accona is available as two models, the Accona SL (slider), and the Accona SP (spinner) in both cases, the controls of the slider or the spinner allows the user full control of the primary air intake. Primary Air is the air that is drawn into the wood burning stove, typically at a low level to maintain the combustion of the solid fuel being burnt. Usually, the Primary Air enters through a control on the front of the stove (Stovax and Gazco 2018).

The Accona has a built in Airwash system, which draws in air from the outside to wash over the inside of the glass, keeping your view of the fire clear and uninterrupted.

The ICast Accona is also DEFRA approved "DEFRA exempt stoves" (the proper terminology) or SE (smoke exempt) are stoves that are cleared to burn specified fuels in smoke control areas, fuels that are usually disallowed.

The Accona has a nominal heat output of 5KW with an efficiency of 79.3% when burning wood, and 80% when burning Anthracite.

The Accona is certified and tested to European standards (BS EN 13240).