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Introducing Docherty's Multi-Fuel 'Graphite 5' Stove

Posted on 14 July 2017


The Graphite 5 uses simple contemporary lines in its no fuss design, whilst incorporating a somewhat traditional twist. The Graphite 5 is suitable for a 12mm hearth, and also with the option of a Log Store. With its outstanding 84.3% efficiency, the Graphite 5 is one of the most effective 5KW (4.9 nominal) output stoves that you can buy.

It has a Heat Conveyor warm air convection system that will quickly distribute heat around your living space so that you get the benefit of both radiated heat, and convected heat, without burning any extra fuel, plus with the Graphite's excellent controllability, overall you'll be using less fuel too. This stove will warm up swiftly with the Heat Conveyor convection system, and the heat will always be evenly distributed around your room.

The pre-heater Tertiary air ensures the Graphite 5 is extremely clean burning and better for the environment. The Graphite 5 ticks all the boxes including the one for best value.

It also features a pre-heated Airwash system, whereby air is drawn down over the inside of the window to keep the glass clean and clear, therefor, leaving no disruptions to the view of your fire and flames. It also has a user friendly clamp-tight, stay-cool door handle.

The Graphite 5 is a Multi-fuel stove which means you can burn wood, coal, compressed logs and all smokeless fuels. Smokeless fuel burning is a great way to burn fuel as it's very efficient and a multi-fuel stove will guarantee you save money on your heating bills.The Graphite 5 includes a dust-free, de-ashing system which allows you to clean the grate with ease, therefor requiring little maintenance.

The Graphite 5 is also DEFRA approved (DEFRA exempt) or SE (Smoke Exempt). This means the stove has been cleared to burn specified fuels in Smoke Control areas, fuels that are usually disallowed.

Come and visit our showroom today where we display a good variety of wood burning and Multi-fuel stoves along with the Graphite 5 itself!

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