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Introducing the Saltfire ST-X5

Posted on 22 November 2017


Here at Stovesworld we are proud to Introduce the new addition to the Saltfire range of ultra clean burning stoves. The ST-X5 body has been constructed from precision welded thick steel. This stove has been designed with simple, easy to operate, user friendly controls. Designed with a large viewing window for amazing views of the fire.

The stove has no delicate complex parts to go wrong, and is suitable for use on a 12mm hearth, with a flue size of 5".

The door is made from Cast Iron, and the stove is also lined with 'thermo-refractory fire brick'. This is a block of refractory ceramic material used in lining furnaces, kilns, fireboxes and fireplaces. A refractory brick is built primarily to withstand high temperatures, but, will also usually have a low thermal conductivity for greater energy efficiency (Wikipedia 2017).

The Saltfire ST-X5 is Defra approved or SE (smoke exempt), these are stoves that have been cleared to burn specified fuels in smoke control areas, fuels that are usually disallowed. In our case this means wood (which is disallowed in a smoke control area unless in a 'Defra' stove) (stovefittersmanual 2013). The ST-X5 stove has been developed for use in the strictest of smoke control inner city areas, and is fully tested to DEFRA and CE/BS standards.

Each Saltfire stove undergoes meticulous testing and development at their labs in Dorset, and is then tested at KIWA/Gastec in Cheltenham, in order to be fully compliant with the relevant European and British Standards.

The ST-X5 is a 5KW output stove and boasts a great efficiency of 82%. It is a particularly large stove for a 5KW model,  allowing for a greater range of heat output, and also allowing room for larger logs to be burned.

The ST-X5 is a 'multi-fuel' stove, which allows you to efficiently burn logs or smokeless coal, the coal ashes will fall through the grate and into the ash pan, which easily lifts out when full. The stove is finished in black high temperature paint which is sourced from the USA and with thermo-ceramic clear glass from the industry-leading 'Schott' brand in Germany.

The ST-X5 also has a built in Airwash system. Airwash air is drawn down over the inside of the window to keep the glass clean and clear. It is also used as primary combustion air when burning wood (Stovax 2017).

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