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Embodying a perfect balance of history, craft and country. French manufacturer Invicta (meaning 'unvanquished') is Europe's largest manufacturer of Cast Iron fireplaces.

The Invicta foundry is located in France's Champagne-Ardenne region, the country's traditional home of metalworking. Founded in 1924, Invicta was a 'quiet-achiever' until Maverick CEO Jean-Pierre Dupire took the reigns a decade ago. Dupire, took the brand to another level prior to his retirement in 2013, and Invicta's market research continues to grow to this day.

Also famous for its advertisements, over the years Invicta has become the benchmark brand in the wood burning stove sector. In 2016, Invicta opened its pilot retail store in the heart of Paris, which showcases the brand's most emblematic wood burning products, and a lot more.

Optimizing, innovating and revolutionizing are the three watchwords at Invicta's R&D division. Some innovations conceived by Invicta, like the 'post combustion system' and 'reverse combustion' have greatly contributed to the optimization of energy performance.

'Post-combustion technology'- when primary combustion fumes, rich in Carbon Monoxide, are re-ignited in the combustion chamber by adding pre-heated oxygen. This re-ignition starts a second combustion and guarantees a high thermal output, along with a radical decrease in polluting emissions, optimizing operating costs.

The Air-Control technology, improve the user experience by providing better control of the burn rate.

Invicta continually improves the energy performance of its wood heating appliances, set in motion by creation of the Flamme Verte Label. The 6 or 7 start rating established in January 2015 encourages companies to manufacture environmentally friendly products. This means all stoves in the Invicta range are ready for the new UK Eco Design 2022 regulations.

A true innovator, Invicta revisited the wood burning stove, developing new, cleaner product lines that satisfy your sense of interior design, with a modern twist. This vision combines sleek design with accessibility, and is perfectly in tune with the times. Invicta's approach is part of what has come to be known as 'democratic design'. This approach is based on five pillars:


It is the quality of the line, and the sketch that makes the stove a complete aesthetic object. It adds style to any home. The stove becomes the heart of the home, and the central decorative element.


Invicta stoves are perfectly designed, not only in its aesthetic dimensions but, also in its functionality, performance, efficiency and usability guaranteed. They're ergonomic, that is to say, optimized for a natural and intuitive use.


While remaining accessible, Invicta wood burning stoves have a level of quality which is recognised worldwide. They are made in France, in the Ardennes. The quality level is controlled at every stage to be unfaltering.


From the stove's conception Invicta designers never lose sight of the sustainability of the appliance throughout its life cycle. The materials are recyclable, and the fuel is the most abundant source of renewable energy in France. Durability is an integral part of the design.


For Invicta, design is only meaningful if it is accessible to the greatest number of people. This has been our vocation for decades. Invicta is committed day to day to making this dream possible, so that everyone can afford the best in design and performance. Whatever your budget, you will find an Invicta stove with both excellent design and high performance, and watching it in your living room will be a daily joy.

Invicta has a large range of beautifully designed and Eco-friendly stoves with high performance levels. Stovesworld are proud to announce that we are now Exclusive stockists of this High quality brand. Two stoves from Invicta's range has been chosen to discuss a little about:

Sedan S

The Sedan S is the little newcomer. Classic and timeless. The Sedan S has just as much to offer as the larger stoves and easily fits into your home. It's power range is 3KW to 7.5KW, with an optimum power of 5KW. This fire is also available in five different colours of Anthracite, Black enamel, Grey enamel, Red enamel and Ivory enamel. It'll hold a log length of 30cm. It's efficiency rating is 78%, and has been awarded a 7 star for its energy performance. This stove also comes with a 5 year warranty which covers the body of the stove.


The Remilly is compact and efficient. This is a cylinder free-standing stove, which is shockingly affordable considering its performance and quality. It makes this cast iron stove ideal for those who are on tight budgets. It's power range is 4.5KW to 10.5KW, with an optimum power of 7KW. This stove is available in one colour, Anthracite. It has an efficiency rating of 78%, and has been awarded a 7 star rating. This stove can take a log length of up to 34cm, and as all the stoves in the Invicta range also has a 5 year warranty on the body of the stove.

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