Introduction to the Burley Debdale 9104 Wood burning stove | Stoves World Ltd


The Burnley Debdale 9104 stove is a perfectly proportioned, elegant and highly efficient wood burning stove. The Debdale features state of the art built techniques and amazing levels of efficiency. The Debdale comes with a warranty of 5 years. 

All Burley stoves are both designed and built in the UK,  to the highest standards. The stoves are made using 5mm and 8mm thick steel plate, and are welded together by robots. The use of robots allows for precision welding and eliminates manufacturing faults.

The Burley stove uses state of the art combustion techniques. The Fireball technology creates a swirling vortex that engulfs the whole fuel bed thus burning the fuel completely. There is no need for an ash pan as there is very little ash left over (100kg of wood is reduced to 1 pint of ash). The Debdale has a nominal heat output of 4KW and can burn upto 5.3KW. 

The Debdale 9104 when tested reaches an efficiency of 89.9%, which is the highest efficiency on the market compared to other stoves. This high efficiency is achieved through Burnley's Quaternary combustion system. This is a fourth combustion process which uses a mesh filter to catch any particles of soot and creosote that have escaped secondary combustion. The particles are vaporised when they come into contact with the mesh.

The Burley Debdale 9104 features a large viewing area which allows you to fully enjoy the hypnotic flames of Burnley's famous Fireball technology.

The Debdale also features a wooden door handle and air control which add to the stoves beauty. The Debdale can also be purchased as a multi fuel option (can burn both wood or coal). The Debdale is DEFRA approved, with a double glazed ceramic glass window.

Customer reviews on this stove have been very positive. Many reviews state how impressed people are with the little amount of wood that is required by the Debdale,  in order to kick out a huge amount of heat. The reviews boast the stoves quality by the way it is made, along with the eye catching Fireball flame technology. The stoves efficiency is very high when compared to other stoves on the market. It was hard to find any negative reviews on this stove and its performance.