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Introduction to the Celsi Electric stoves

Posted on 24 April 2017


The Celsi Electric Stoves boast a solid steel body typical of free standing stoves. Along with forward thinking technology and contemporary looks. The Purastove LCD uses state-of-the-art technology in order to create a realistic fire effect. It features a contemporary glass fascia, and is the most functional electric fire effect in the world.

Every Puraflame fire has been designed to give the appearance of depth, along with an amazing 3D effect. It comes with a selection of real fire effects to choose from, these include 'Smouldering log', 'Blazing log' 'Flaming coal' and 'Glowing coal' all of these effects are designed to give the most realistic looking fires, and can be sped up or slowed down. Using LCD technology, Puraflame is the only electric fire to give you the astonishing look and sound of a real fire.

The Purastove comes with an extremely practical function of a sleep timer. The sleep timer can be used to automatically turn the heater to standby mode after a predetermined amount of time. This is great if you want to doze off and not worry about turning the fire off once you have fallen asleep. The timer can be set for up to a maximum of 4 hours in 30 minute intervals and once this time has elapsed the appliance will automatically go into standby.

The Electristove XD uses improved technology to create a stunning extra deep fuel bed, along with a high definition flame picture. The vibrant new Electriflame XD 3D flame effect allows you to sit back and relax while enjoying the soothing heat output that creates an atmospheric and highly realistic experience.

A Celsi electric fire will be the heart of your home all year round. Every fire in the range has a 'flame picture' only setting. Unlike gas or solid fuel fires, this allows you to enjoy the atmospheric glow even when it is too warm to turn on the heat.

All fires come with a 2 year guarantee and deliver a maximum heat output of 2KW. They also come with a remote control to change all settings as standard.

Celsi is not just a fire, it's an experience.

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