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Introduction to The Woodford Collection

Posted on 12 June 2018


Stovesworld are proud to announce the arrival of the new collection of Multi Fuel Stoves and Fireplace packages by 'The Woodford Collection'. This is a hand picked luxurious range of both multi fuel stoves and fireplace packages, which have been designed for modern living whilst keeping traditional values of every British home at heart.

The Multi fuel stoves have been produced with some of the highest efficiencies related to fuel consumption on the market and all of the multi fuel stoves are 100% manufactured in England.

The collection of solid Limestone Fireplaces are some of Portugal's finest exports. The selection will truly be a centre piece of elegance and focus for any home. Handcrafted Portugese Limestone with matching Hearths and chambers in limestone and honed slate. Bespoke fireplaces can also be made to your choice, so you can talk to us here at Stovesworld about your very own design.

Stovesworld will be stocking three of the Multi-Stoves from the collection and these will include The Woodford 5, The Woodford 5 Widescreen, and the Woodford 7.

Woodford stoves all come with a lifetime warranty of the body of the stove, and as they are manufactured here in the UK, England, they offer full support to all of their customers with absolutely anything they require. The Woodford stoves have an easy to use air control system. Two levers are located under the door allowing you to control the air flow into the stove, giving you amazing control of this.

The Woodford 5

This is the original stove in the collection (shown in the picture), it is suitable for any installation type. It has a nominal heat output of 4.9KW. It is an extremely efficient stove with advanced clean burn technology (see below for definition). Along with its smooth clean lines it makes it the number one choice for homeowners and installers. This stoves complies with a 12mm Hearth and has a built in Airwash system (see below for definition).

The Woodford 5 Widescreen

The Woodford 5 Wide is their widescreen version of the classic 5KW, still at 4.9KW, the wide gives a panoramic view of the fire and suits a larger fireplace opening to give a more balanced look.

The Woodford 7

Like the woodford 5/5 widescreen. The Woodford 7 is one of the original stoves in the collection, and is suitable for any installation type. At 7KW nominal output it will fit any standard room and fireplace opening, and will truly be the focal point of any home.

Airwash Technology

Airwash technology brings a flow of air into the firebox of your wood burner from a vent above the glass panel. The air is immediately forced directly downwards over the inside of the door. This creates a layer air which 'washes' over the glass at all times. Flames and gases are both kept at bay by this constant flow of air, which prevents tar building up and causing the glass to blacken. Airwash saves you a lot of hard work trying to get your glass clean, and allows you to sit back and enjoy the clear view of the fire ( 2012).

Cleanburn Technology

Cleanburn is a system by which hot air is introduced into the firebox just above the normal height of the fire. This allows the combustion of unburned hydrocarbons in the smoke stream. This, in turn, provides not only a 'cleaner burn' (i.e. less soot particles going up the chimney/flue and into the atmosphere) but, also allows the user to enjoy even more flames (Stovax & Gazco 2018)

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