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Midtherm was formed in 1968 by a man named Ray Andrews, the company has since grown steadily over the years. Consisting of 150 staff, five factories and complimentary businesses. These businesses include manufacturing facilities such as; sub-contract laser cutting, powder coating, commercial catering equipment and natural ventilation systems. Finally a contracting company, who supply and install commercial and industrial flue for the industry, the NHS and public building, is also part of the 'Midtherm Group'. Flue systems are one of their original factory products, and are still the core business of the company.

Midtherm Flue systems is a family run and environmentally aware company which specialises in the production and distribution of Class 1 chimneys, vitreous enamel and flexible liners for the wood burning stove industry. Currently the only manufacturer in the industry which is British owned, and UK based. Midtherm also manufacture flue and exhaust products for commercial and industrial applications, distributing Nationwide and also regularly exporting to the Middle East and Hong Kong.

Midtherm operate an independently approved ISO 9001 quality assurance system, and all of their flue products are type tested and approved to BS EN 1856-1, the European standard, and comply with all relevant clauses.

Midtherm Flue systems have a mission statement which explains that their aim is to provide well designed and manufactured products, with a service that gives the customer what they want. At a fair price to both parties.

The range of standard and non-standard flue and chimney products along with gas radiant heater spares, are manufactured consistently with related specifications and operation requirements. Appropriate safety and reliability standards, providing a quality and service life which meets or exceeds customer expectations. Any recognised and accepted external or internal standards, specifications and policies, laid down to ensure consistent quality, will be adhered to.

The procedures described in the quality management system show the management of the system and therefore to the assurance of continual improvement in both product and quality system. It is their policy to stimulate and encourage interest and pride in all work undertaken. To ensure that the Quality System continues to function as intended and achieve the organizations objectives, periodic quality audits are carried out under the guidance of the Quality supervisor.

Midtherm Flue systems Ltd offer a complete range of stainless steel flue systems (including twin wall and black powder coated) for all kinds of appliances from Wood Burning stoves to large commercial boilers. A flue is a duct pipe, or opening in a chimney for conveying exhaust gases from a fireplace, furnace, water heater, boiler or generator to the outdoors.

Flue Systems

These are the pipes that take fumes away from your stove and provide fresh air for the fuel to burn efficiently. Midtherm flue systems offer a complete range of stainless steel flue systems (including twin wall and coloured vitreous enamel) for all kinds of appliances. A flue system can be constructed using a series of pipes and components to convey the gases from the appliance or open fire to the outdoors.

Key reasons for use of appropriate Flue Liners:

1) stop the products of combustion from corroding brick chimney

2) reducing the possibility of and containing chimney fires

3) enabling efficient maintenance of a chimney

4) insulated flue improves the efficiency of the appliance

Where there is no existing chimney then a Twin Walled stainless steel flue system is required. The pipes on a wood burning stove can become extremely hot and twin wall (i.e. double-insulated pipes) protect the ceiling; walls and roof from the heat transferring through the pipes and creating a potential fire hazard.Twin wall systems are used for both interior and exterior flue systems and are also suitable for multi-fuel appliances. These are more complex systems and subject to building control regulations, therefor it is always recommended that a professional HETAS registered installer is used to fit the stove and flue system.

The right flue system ensures your appliance is safe and reliable as well as efficient, creating the right draw of air to ensure all gases are taken up the flue system.

Here at Stovesworld Cardiff Midtherm Flue Systems Ltd is the chosen company that we use for all our wood burning installs, and we are confident the products are well designed and manufactured to the highest quality and standards possible.