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A wood burning stove brings about another way of life. It can bring the family closer together-all members young and old, can all work together to collect logs and cut them, stack up the firewood to dry out, and then feed the fire. As a family you can all enjoy the warmth of the fire's natural heat by a wood burning stove.

Using a wood burning stove to heat your home is a natural process, that does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. Westfire's stoves make effective use of thermal energy, and all stoves are very environmentally friendly.

Westfire stoves are designed with attention to detail and meticulous care is taken to get it just right. Westfire believes that a wood burning stove must compliment the home in which it is being installed. It will outlast both the furniture and the decor. They have developed a future-proof design which implements simplicity, timelessness and contemporary technology.

As a wood burning stove is a focal point for all the family it makes it essential to choose a brand you can trust. Westfire stands for high quality craftsmanship with impeccable attention to detail. All this leaves you safe in the knowledge your stove will last for many years, whilst performing to the highest levels of efficiency and environmental standards.

When your stove is well managed is well managed it will be CO2-neutral, making it a responsible option for a renewable energy source.

Westfire have also designed heat storage systems named the Westfire Uniq 28, the stove gently absorbs heat from your stove whilst in operation. Heat storage combines the stoves ability to distribute convection heating and the mass stoves ability to store the heat. This is so when the stove has burnt out, it will continually dissipate heat long after the fires heat has died down. This system is ideal in order to maintain a steady heat flow in your home.

Westfire have developed a complete range of wood burning stoves, flue pipes, chimneys and accessories which are all recognisable with their clean lines. The stoves use the latest combustion technology which are all ready to go in accordance with the Eco ready design 2022. Ecodesign is the European-wide programme to lower emissions, and is due to come into force in 2022. Westfire stoves have created new stoves that will meet the lower emission limits. Therefor, you can have piece of mind that your new stove is one of the cleanest burning in the market today.

Westfire have developed many different types of wood burning stoves, all available in different sizes with a range of options. This means you will get the most advantageous solution, whatever your requirements may be.

One of Westfires best stoves is the 'Uniq 37'. This is a convection stove, with an impressive output of 7.2KW. The primary air, secondary air and tertiary air supplies gives the Uniq 37 an efficiency of over 80%. The Uniq 37 has a large door and side windows which offer a panoramic clear view of the fire, the glass is always kept clear and clean due to its efficient Airwash system. Airwash air is drawn down over the inside of the window in order to keep the glass clean. It is also used as a primary combustion air when burning wood (Stovax & Gazco 2016).

The Westfire Uniq 37 stove has both modern looks and a modern efficient combustion chamber, resulting in the stove burning wood very cleanly. For a functional and highly efficient stove with a focus on design, Westfire is the perfect choice!.

Stovesworld are proud to announce we are now stockists of Westfire's wood burning stoves. For all information and enquiries on this brand which as mentioned are designed for the Eco design 2022 call into Stovesworld Cardiff today