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Introduction of Peanut Stoves by Saltfire

Introduction of Peanut Stoves by Saltfire


The Saltfire stove group are at the forefront of innovations in wood stove combustion. The Peanut range is the result of Saltfire's latest developments in clean burning, high efficiency stove technology, wood stove technology and the understanding of wood stove designers and engineers, which has moved on a lot in recent years. Even though most stoves may look like the same black boxes, it's what goes on inside the burn chamber that matters and can change everything and be very different.

Created at Saltfire Stoves Group Innovation Centre in Wareham, Dorset, these stoves are designed to be very easy to operate, install, and easy to keep, clean and maintain. The Peanut stove gives you a highly advanced stove with superior engineering, great build quality and all at the lowest possible price. The Peanut Range are all made with cast-iron construction for maximum heat-retention and ultra-clean-burning and a stove that will give you long life. It keeps the belly of the fire hot, even during 'low & slow' burning.

There are many cast iron stoves, which are lighter weight construction, and still going strong after 100 years or more. So if you are wondering how long will your cast iron stove last, think of it becoming a family heirloom, to be handed down to your great grandchildren!.

Cast iron has been used to build wood burners since their very first invention. Saltfire have chosen to use it for all of its reliable qualities, and have brought it right up to date with the latest innovations in wood combustion technology.

The Peanut 5 

 This stove is rated at 5KW and can heat a decent sized room easily, with a variable output between 1.5 and 5KW. The viewing window is big for a compact stove, 273mm wide by 286mm high, leaving you with an uninterrupted view of the fire and flames.

The Peanut 5 will fit a 'standard small' UK chimney opening of 16" wide. This will make some installations much simpler and easier, and rarely would any building/alteration work need to be done even with a small chimney opening.

The Peanut 5 stove is Ecodesign 2022 ready. This means the stoves are designed to reduce PM emissions by burning wood more efficiently and completely.  Ecodesign is the European-wide programme to lower emissions. It is due to come into force for stoves in the UK in 2022.

Peanut stoves also feature extremely low CO, NOx, particle and Hydro-Carbon emissions. All Peanut stoves comes with a 5 year Warranty which covers the body of the stove. The Peanut 5 has a high efficiency of 79.9%.

The stove has a superior Airwash system for crystal clear views of the fire, it includes Multifuel Grate, and external access to Ashpan for clean easy ash removal. It can use a 5" flue system all the way.

The Peanut stove is available in several sizes and rated outputs, each with regular 'short' and 'tall' heights options.

Here at Stovesworld Cardiff we are proud to announce that we are now stockists of the Peanut range from Saltfire. Call into our showroom to view the Peanut 5 and Bignut 5 which will be coming soon.