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The arrival of Worcester's Bosch multi-fuel stove range- The Hanbury and The Bewdley

The arrival of Worcester's Bosch multi-fuel stove range- The Hanbury and The Bewdley


Worcester Bosch is the choice for millions of quality and value focused homeowners. Worcester recently conducted a survey based on customer satisfaction, and it revealed that they are also the choice of professional tradesmen too, with 9 out of 10 heating engineers choosing Worcester to provide warmth and hot water for their homes and families.

Worcester Bosch have been manufacturing to the highest standards for over 50 years. They have also been honoured to have received a Royal Warrant in recognition of supplying goods to Her Majesty The Queen.

Here at Stovesworld we are pleased to announce the arrival of Worcester's multi-fuel stoves 'The Hanbury' and 'The Bewdley' (however, it should be noted that The Bewdley's 8KW stove is 'wood burning' only).

The Hanbury

The Hanbury range are made using the purest grades of cast iron, this provides exceptional strength and resistance to cracking, which, in turn ensures a very long life span.

The Hanbury is a traditional style stove, and is finished in a sophisticated matt black. The Hanbury stove has a timeless elegance suited to both period and modern homes. Control leavers make it possible to switch from a roaring fire to a gentle flicker with ease. Clean-burn technology ensures higher heat output and minimal emissions.

The Hanbury is available in 4KW, 5KW and 8KW output models. The Hanbury 4KW has an efficiency of 86.1%, the 5KW 78% and the 8KW 78.3%. All 3 models have a built in Airwash system, whereby air is drawn down over the inside of the window to keep the glass clean and clear, therefor leaving no disruptions to the view of your fire and flames.

The Bewdley

The Bewdley range is crafted from robust, high-temperature resistant steel, providing a rapid heat-up time and long life span. The Bewdley is a contemporary style stove with smooth lines and a 'no fuss' look. The Greenstyle Bewdley will be a stylish addition to any room.

The prestigious Worcester logo is etched into the lower glass, and with a large uninterrupted view of the flames, the stove is cleverly designed for a stunning visual experience.

The Bewdley is finished in smart matt black and comes in a choice of 3KW (80% efficiency), 5KW (82.4%) and 8KW (74.5%). Please note the efficiency's are based on the stoves as 'Wood burning' only, multi-fuel stove efficiency's will differ.

The Bewdley range all have built in Airwash systems, keeping the glass clear and providing the customer with a clear view of the flames/fire, without worrying about any cleaning. They are also DEFRA approved meaning they can be used in smokeless zones.

Both The Hanbury and The Bewdley range come with a 5 year guarantee on the stoves themselves and a 1 year guarantee on the glass, grate and rope seal.