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Woodwarm Fires-The Phoenix Range

Woodwarm Fires-The Phoenix Range

Historically an open fire is associated with a warm chimney, on testing it can be shown that 90% of heat from the fire can be lost to the chimney.

Woodwarm have dedicated over 30 years of production to their customers and experienced dealers.

Woodwarm continually assess consumer trends, they are customer focused and driven. Throughout their product development, attention is paid to detail, creating innovative and contemporary products, all manufacturing specifications and materials are exhaustively tested.

Woodwarm stoves are safe, single self contained units which put the heat back into the room where it belongs, whilst eliminating the waste. All Woodwarm stoves have an excellent Airwash system. This means when the air has circulated the stove, the pre-heated air flushes down over the double glazed door, keeping the glass perfectly clean at all times, even when the stove is at low temperatures and overnight.

Woodwarm stoves are so efficient, that with careful burning, a stove can slumber for up to 8 hours, providing you with a steady warmth all night if desired.

Cleaning the ash from a Woodwarm is simple, thanks to the a multi-bar riddle grate, that allows ash to drop down to a pan which can easily be removed when requiring emptying.

All Woodwarm fires are “DEFRAexempt stoves” (the proper terminology) or SE (smoke exempt) are stoves that are cleared to burn specified fuels in smoke control areas, fuels that are usually disallowed”. In our case this means wood (which is disallowed in a smoke control area unless in a “DEFRA stove”).

Woodwarm are a Devon based company which manufacture several ranges of stoves including the Fireview and Wildwood stoves. Here at Stovesworld we are pleased to announce the arrival of 'The Phoenix Range'. This range is the latest addition, and presents modern, stylish and highly efficient stoves.

The Phoenix Range holds a collection of 4 stoves- The Firewren 4KW, this is the baby of the range, with an output of 4KW. It has an efficiency of 84.3% with wood, and 75.4% solid fuel.

The Firegem 5KW, this is a slender version of the Fireblaze, which makes it an ideal stove to fit in shallow fireplaces for less protrusion into the room. It has an efficiency of 82.9% for wood and 75.4% with solid fuel.

The Fireblaze 6KW is a stunning clean looking multi fuel stove, with a large door, giving an unhindered view of the fire. It has an efficiency of 82.9% with wood and 75.6% with solid fuel.

The last but by no means least, the Firebug 10KW is a larger 10KW model and available in standard height. It has an efficiency of 75.4% wood and 77.8% with solid fuel.

All stoves are available with log store base, and are all suitable for a 12mm super imposed hearth. The quality really shows in these stoves which are all made in the UK. Some Woodwarm fires are still in use some 30 years on.