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Celsi's Ultiflame VR Range

Ultiflame VR fires use innovative technology to create a virtual flame. Through 3-dimentional visual depth, and realistic flame movements, you will get a 'Real fire experience'. The deep fuel bed has supremely detailed ceramics that capture the authentic shape and texture of natural logs.

The range includes a variety of tasteful wall mounted and hearth mounted inset fires, along with stunning feature fireplaces in Portugese Limestone, which are suitable for installation into standard cavity wall.

The Ultiflame VR Electric fires with their captivating visual flame display will stimulate your senses at the touch of a button. At the same time enjoying and relaxing in the comfortable warmth of a Virtual-reality open fire experience.

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Introducing Wildfire Gas Fires

Introducing Wildfire Gas Fires

Wildfire is the premier gas appliance brand from Hearth Products Limited. Hearth products have been involved in the design and technology for the fireplace industry across the globe since 2003. Wildfires' technologies have been used in products across Europe, Australia and North America.

Wildfire are committed to providing high quality heating products, along with proven performance. Wildfire's range of gas appliances have been tested to comply with the latest European standards, these appliances are manufactured in an ISO certified factory.

Wildfire guarantee their products for a period of 5 years from installation. This guarantee is managed directly by Wildfire through our extensive network of service centres throughout the UK. Wildfire promise that you can be confident in installing a product which will deliver in all installation scenarios. Choose Wildfire for style, performance, reliability, value and peace of mind.

In a World where energy costs have soared, Wildfire believe it is important to obtain the absolute maximum from your heating appliance. With this in mind the net efficiency of Wildfire open fronted gas fires are up to 62%, and the glass fronted fires up to 89%.

The Wildfire range is proud to include a range of glass fronted high efficiency gas fires. These products feature the latest technology in high output gas fires and deliver the most effective way of heating your living room. The range includes both mid-depth convector (those with a rather slim chimney breast) and full depth convector (those with a large depth chimney breast) products, both available with Direct Slide technology.

Wildfire's open fronted appliances are designed to operate with the revolutionary XE system which is only available from Hearth products. This new efficiency system is designed to 'tune' the appliance to your fireplace flue, thereby ensuring the customer obtains the maximum output from the appliance.

All Wildfire products are available with a Direct Slide option, giving the customer ease of reliable and simple operation. The slide is operated from the top right side of the appliance, and provides ignition, flame control and then turns off the fire when you're finished. Most of the Wildfire range is available in manual control too.

The Wildfire range has Oxygen Depletion Sensors. They will automatically shut off the gas supply to the burner if the oxygen level in the room falls below a particular level. This is important as it will turn off the appliance, should the flue become blocked or a lack of ventilation occurs.

Another function of the Wildfire range is the Flame Supervision Device. This is designed to sense the presence of a flame. If the flame were to distinguish for any reason then the Flame Supervision Device will cut off the supply of gas to the burner.

Most Wildfire appliances can be fitted with an elderly/ infirm handle. This allows you to light the product with ease. The larger handle is much easier to access and move, so if you think this may be a requirement, then talk with the retailer, who can demonstrate the Ezi-Grip system. This handle is purchased as an accessory and is fitted at the point of installation of the appliance.

Regulations demand all gas fires must be installed by a Registered Gas Safe Engineer. Warranty will be void if the appliance is not fitted in accordance to these legal requirements.

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Introducing the Saltfire ST-X5

Introducing the Saltfire ST-X5


Here at Stovesworld we are proud to Introduce the new addition to the Saltfire range of ultra clean burning stoves. The ST-X5 body has been constructed from precision welded thick steel. This stove has been designed with simple, easy to operate, user friendly controls. Designed with a large viewing window for amazing views of the fire.

The stove has no delicate complex parts to go wrong, and is suitable for use on a 12mm hearth, with a flue size of 5".

The door is made from Cast Iron, and the stove is also lined with 'thermo-refractory fire brick'. This is a block of refractory ceramic material used in lining furnaces, kilns, fireboxes and fireplaces. A refractory brick is built primarily to withstand high temperatures, but, will also usually have a low thermal conductivity for greater energy efficiency (Wikipedia 2017).

The Saltfire ST-X5 is Defra approved or SE (smoke exempt), these are stoves that have been cleared to burn specified fuels in smoke control areas, fuels that are usually disallowed. In our case this means wood (which is disallowed in a smoke control area unless in a 'Defra' stove) (stovefittersmanual 2013). The ST-X5 stove has been developed for use in the strictest of smoke control inner city areas, and is fully tested to DEFRA and CE/BS standards.

Each Saltfire stove undergoes meticulous testing and development at their labs in Dorset, and is then tested at KIWA/Gastec in Cheltenham, in order to be fully compliant with the relevant European and British Standards.

The ST-X5 is a 5KW output stove and boasts a great efficiency of 82%. It is a particularly large stove for a 5KW model,  allowing for a greater range of heat output, and also allowing room for larger logs to be burned.

The ST-X5 is a 'multi-fuel' stove, which allows you to efficiently burn logs or smokeless coal, the coal ashes will fall through the grate and into the ash pan, which easily lifts out when full. The stove is finished in black high temperature paint which is sourced from the USA and with thermo-ceramic clear glass from the industry-leading 'Schott' brand in Germany.

The ST-X5 also has a built in Airwash system. Airwash air is drawn down over the inside of the window to keep the glass clean and clear. It is also used as primary combustion air when burning wood (Stovax 2017).

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Woodwarm Fires-The Phoenix Range

Woodwarm Fires-The Phoenix Range

Historically an open fire is associated with a warm chimney, on testing it can be shown that 90% of heat from the fire can be lost to the chimney.

Woodwarm have dedicated over 30 years of production to their customers and experienced dealers.

Woodwarm continually assess consumer trends, they are customer focused and driven. Throughout their product development, attention is paid to detail, creating innovative and contemporary products, all manufacturing specifications and materials are exhaustively tested.

Woodwarm stoves are safe, single self contained units which put the heat back into the room where it belongs, whilst eliminating the waste. All Woodwarm stoves have an excellent Airwash system. This means when the air has circulated the stove, the pre-heated air flushes down over the double glazed door, keeping the glass perfectly clean at all times, even when the stove is at low temperatures and overnight.

Woodwarm stoves are so efficient, that with careful burning, a stove can slumber for up to 8 hours, providing you with a steady warmth all night if desired.

Cleaning the ash from a Woodwarm is simple, thanks to the a multi-bar riddle grate, that allows ash to drop down to a pan which can easily be removed when requiring emptying.

All Woodwarm fires are “DEFRAexempt stoves” (the proper terminology) or SE (smoke exempt) are stoves that are cleared to burn specified fuels in smoke control areas, fuels that are usually disallowed”. In our case this means wood (which is disallowed in a smoke control area unless in a “DEFRA stove”).

Woodwarm are a Devon based company which manufacture several ranges of stoves including the Fireview and Wildwood stoves. Here at Stovesworld we are pleased to announce the arrival of 'The Phoenix Range'. This range is the latest addition, and presents modern, stylish and highly efficient stoves.

The Phoenix Range holds a collection of 4 stoves- The Firewren 4KW, this is the baby of the range, with an output of 4KW. It has an efficiency of 84.3% with wood, and 75.4% solid fuel.

The Firegem 5KW, this is a slender version of the Fireblaze, which makes it an ideal stove to fit in shallow fireplaces for less protrusion into the room. It has an efficiency of 82.9% for wood and 75.4% with solid fuel.

The Fireblaze 6KW is a stunning clean looking multi fuel stove, with a large door, giving an unhindered view of the fire. It has an efficiency of 82.9% with wood and 75.6% with solid fuel.

The last but by no means least, the Firebug 10KW is a larger 10KW model and available in standard height. It has an efficiency of 75.4% wood and 77.8% with solid fuel.

All stoves are available with log store base, and are all suitable for a 12mm super imposed hearth. The quality really shows in these stoves which are all made in the UK. Some Woodwarm fires are still in use some 30 years on.

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Introduction to the AGA Ellesmere 4 Multi Fuel stove

Introduction to the AGA Ellesmere 4 Multi Fuel stove


The AGA cooker is a heat storage stove and cooker, which works on the principle that a heavy frame made of cast iron can absorb heat from a relatively low-intensity but continuously burning source, and the accumulated heat can then be used for cooking.

Originally heated by slow-burning coal, the Aga cooker was invented in 1922 by the Nobel Prize–winning Swedish physicist Gustaf Dalen (1869–1937), who was employed first as the chief engineer of the Swedish AGA company (Swedish Aktiebolaget Svenska Gasaccumulator, English Swedish Gas Accumulator, Limited).

The cookers were first imported to Britain in 1929, and were first manufactured there under licence in the early 1930s. The Cast Iron parts were first cast at the Coalbrookdale foundry in the 1940s, where they are still made.

AGA has come a long way since then and have now made and introduced a range of multi fuel stoves to heat your home, with quality and good efficiency in mind. AGA stoves are built to deliver solid performance, the simplicity of the primary and secondary controls on the AGA makes it user friendly whilst burning your logs efficiently.

The latest editions to the AGA stoves family are dynamic, exciting newcomers. Blending both Contemporary and Traditional design, the new range of Ellesmere stoves offer clean lines and solid performance. The clean lines and excellent viewing window make it an excellent choice for a cosy living room.

The Ellesmere range are designed to burn either wood or solid fuels and they are all DEFRA approved, which means you can use in smoke controlled areas.

The Ellesmere 4 is more than capable of warming a home with its 4.5KW output. The Ellesmere's air controls may be adjusted for the best air flow when burning either wood or coal. The efficiency when burning wood is 81.9% and the efficiency when burning coal is 79.1%.

This stove is solidly made and everything down to the handle feels well built. The body of the Ellesmere 4 is made from steel with a cast iron door. It has a large viewing glass, which will keep clean even when the stove is closed down, due to the built in Airwash system. Airwash is a design feature which uses a specially placed vent, or vents, to draw in air from the outside and wash over the inside of the glass. This helps to keep the glass clean, allowing for an uninterrupted view of the flames (Stovax 2017).

Every AGA comes with a 5 year body parts and 1 year labour warranty.

Height 583mm

Width 425mm

Depth 415mm

Weight 120kg

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Franco Belge Vicky 5KW Multi Fuel Stove

Franco Belge Vicky 5KW Multi Fuel Stove


Franco Belge’s 80 year history is synonymous with elegant period designs, European excellence and quality cast iron stoves. The stove range includes, powerful wood burning, multi fuel, gas and oil stoves, offering European style and prestige to British homes.

Franco Belge stoves have made their name across Europe due to their beautifully traditional design, excellent efficiency's and impressive performances. The Vicky 5 is no exception with an efficiency of 78%.

The Vicky 5 is one of the smallest stoves in the Franco Belge range. Unlike some of the recent Franco Belge stoves, the Vicky 5 is a more Traditional smaller box shape device. Keeping with the Franco Belge style it does have a larger than normal viewing glass.

The Vicky 5 has a nominal heat output of 4.9KW but, is capable of reaching up to 6KW at a maximum temperature. The Vicky 5 is a wood burning stove but, if you wish a multi fuel kit can be added. This will give you the option to burn a variety of smokeless fuels as well as wood which,  gives greater convenience.

The Vicky 5 has a cast iron body. Cast iron takes slightly longer to warm up compared to a steel bodied stove, however, Cast Iron will retain the heat for much longer,  even after the fire has gone out.

The Vicky 5 is a DEFRA approved stove, which means it can be used in a Smoke Control area, and has a top or rear flue outlet option. The flue diameter is 125mm.

The Vicky 5 also has a built in Airwash system. This is a design feature that uses a specially placed vent or vents to draw in air from the outside to wash over the inside of the glass. This helps keep the glass clean allowing you to enjoy an uninterrupted view of the flames (Stovax 2017).

The reviews on the Vicky 5 are very impressive, with customers raving about their delight in now owning one of these multi fuel stoves, and expressing how easy it is for them to operate!.

Height 644mm

Width 480mm

Depth 394mm

Weight 92kg


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Flavel Emberglow

Flavel Emberglow


The Emberglow features an elegant design with a high quality cast iron canopy, and fire front. The Emberglow has front and side windows, which allows the owner to view the dancing flames from all angles of the fire which is set on a coal fuel effect. The Emberglow gas fire is a traditional looking fire however, can cleverly fit into any contemporary looking setting too.

This fire is a traditional hearth mounted outset gas fire,  and is operated by an easy to use electronic side control system, but, if you wish a remote control can also be used for an even easier operation.

The Emberglow is suitable for those with brick chimneys, pre-fabricated flue, pre-cast flue and balanced flue. 

The Emberglow has a heat output of 4.3KW with an efficiency of 78%, and the Emberglow with balanced flue has a heat output of 3.9KW with an efficiency of 87%.

This fire comes with a 7 year guarantee providing the customer with reassurance and quality when buying with Flavel. Come and visit our showroom today for advice on all fires and a friendly smile.

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The Flavel Strata

The Flavel Strata


The Flavel Strata gas fire features a stylish soft curve design thus, offering a real alternative to most radiants. The Strata has a unique 'Retro' look but, will also cleverly fit into any modern and contemporary room setting.

The Strata also offers a choice of 4 colours, and is available in black, brown, white and cream finishes. This Gas fire can be Hearth mounted or wall hung.

The Strata has an ultra high efficiency of 84% and gives a heat output of 5.2KW, making this one of the best gas fires around for heat output.

The Strata also comes with an Easy Grip Control attachment, so that those who suffer with arthritis or similar conditions, will find it easy to grasp the control knob.

The Flavel Strata has an Airwatch system.This is a gas fuel safety system that cuts the supply if the flame goes out or becomes unstable.

The Strata also provides the reassurance of a 7 year guarantee. This fire if highly recommended by everyone at Stovesworld. For advice and a friendly smile come and visit our showroom today.

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Using the correct wood for your Wood Burner !

Using the correct wood for your Wood Burner !

A wood burning stove in your home means you no longer become dependant on energy utilities. However, there are many different types of wood that are available to choose from. The difference between hardwood and softwood varies.

Hardwoods are any broad-leafed, deciduous trees, such as Beech and Elm. While softwoods are conifers including Cedar and Fir.  When choosing your wood for your burner, hardwood is better than soft, as it burns slower. The density of softwood is also around half that of hardwood, which results in it burning twice as fast.

Dry wood is always the Best Wood.  It is very important the wood is dried before you burn. Wood that hasnt been dried is a waste of energy,  as it is used to remove water from the log, producing steam. Fresh wood contains a high amount of water between 65-90%. In this instance it is recommended the wood is seasoned for at least a year but, preferably two years. 

The best Kiln dried wood has a moisture content of less than 20%.

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