Dunsley Yorkshire Wood Burning Boiler Stove

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The Dunsley Yorkshire Wood Burning Boiler Stove has a built in thermostat that automatically monitors central heating temperatures and controls the incoming air to regulate the intensity of the flame. The clean combustion and powerful airwash system give you a clearer view of the flames for longer.  The Dunsley Yorkshire is simple to operate with a single control to turn the heat up or down rather than adjusting dampers or valves.

Offering a heat output of up to 5.2Kw to the room and 11.8 to the water, the Yorkshire will heat approximately 5 – 6 radiators. The Dunsley Yorkshire Boiler Stove is one of a few boiler stoves that have been DEFRA approved.

  • DEFRA Approved
  • Heat output to room 5.2Kw
  • Heat output to water 11.8Kw (40000Btu)
  • Air wash system
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • Flue outlet 150mm (6”)
  • Steel body with cast iron door
  • Black, chrome or brass handles available


    Code:  DUN312
    Heat Output to Room:  5Kw
    Heat Output to Water:  11.8Kw
    Nett Efficiency:  75%
    Width:  595mm
    Height:  715mm
    Depth:  450mm
    Flue Diameter:  150mm (6”)
    Flue Outlet:  Top only
    Weight:  198Kg

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